We needed something at our Tree Farm to store the tractor, tools, and materials as well as be an office space. The Pro-Lite building series we chose from Atlas is now a part of Ragan Tree Farm and something we couldn’t do without, quite honestly. I shopped around other places, but just didn’t see anything that impressed me - a lot of wooden components and not too sturdy. They were cheap enough, and cheaply built. But Atlas constructs and prices their buildings on a module basis. An office is one module, a bay one module. I thought it was really understandable, and I could make it larger or wider, open or closed space. They gave me all the information I wanted. They even let me know I would have to have a dirt pad for the county I was in and made sure everything was up to code. They have a plan, they have a good crew, and they come in and do their work quickly. And now I have a quality building at a reasonable price for a full metal building with no wood in it. It’s an essential asset as far as I’m concerned. If I ever needed to add another building, they’re the ones I would call.
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- Tony Ragan
  Ragan Tree Farm LLC, Crisp County, GA

Just a Great Experience. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. They’ve been a customer for me for years. And knowing the kind of people they are and the quality they have I had no hesitations before buying. The building is sealed off well, I have 2 roll up doors, and it’s really well insulated as a place for my cars so they don’t get dust on them from the outside. Called them up, told them what I wanted and I got what I wanted, and haven’t had any problems since. It will be there for a long time and I won’t have to worry about it. I recommend Atlas to friends & family.
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- Johnny Sr.
  Thompson Machine Co, Wray, GA


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Expect Dedicated Customer Service Long After The Sale

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. That's why you get manufacturing, sales, engineering, installation and customer service all under one roof. From your first question to the finishing touches on your building and to any questions long after the fact, we make sure your experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible. And all of our contractor’s workmanship is guaranteed. This way you tell your friends and do business with us again.


Complete Turn-key And Customizable Installation

Whether you're a “do-it-yourselfer” or you'd rather leave it to specialists, installations are tailored to suit your needs. And we make sure everything you need to complete the project--down to the last detail--is included, so you can focus on enjoying your new building.


Affordability With No Hidden "Add On" Expenses

Everything you need to erect your building is thoroughly discussed with our expert staff and reflected in the price. You'll never be left blowing in the wind because of an "unseen" cost.


Only The Highest Quality U.S. Steel

Through our long-standing relationship with major steel suppliers, you can be assured that only 1st grade galvanized steel goes into your 100% American-made building.


Huge Selection Of Models That Can Be Shaped To Your Needs

With five distinct style structures plus our Pre-Engineered “Red Iron” series to choose from, you'll be confident to find just the right building for you. Or, with the help of our engineers, you can customize any building type to suit your needs. And with 16 colors, up to six widths and many other options to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless.

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All Buildings Are Made To Atlas Specs

You can rest assured we stand behind every component that goes into your building. If you have a question or concern after the sale, you'll never have to deal with a third-party manufacturer. You can contact us directly.