Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. That’s why you get manufacturing, sales, engineering, installation and customer service all under one roof.

From your first question to the finishing touches on your building and to any questions long after the fact, we make sure your experience is as smooth and pleasant as possible.

And all of our contractor’s workmanship is guaranteed. This way you tell your friends and do business with us again.

Blane Hill

I bought the Advantage Series for a personal shop to store my tools and motorcycle. Now it’s a man cave for me and my sons. We even have satellite and internet running out there. Keeping my stuff out of the weather and protected was a big priority, all of which was resolved by getting the insulation. And the rollup door was a big sale.

The customer service was good. Before buying they were quick to respond and answered all my questions. And even after it was done, they called me to make sure the contractor did a good job and that I was completely satisfied. It was simple, expedient, and they were friendly from beginning to end. I have and will continue to recommend Atlas to my friends.
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– Blane Hill, Patterson, GA

A very sturdy well built building and happy that we bought it.

We were originally concerned about the durability and if it would be as advertised, but we were happily surprised. Our Pro-Lite series building turned out very sturdy and well built. I like the barn red color we chose, and it works well as my husband’s “man cave” for all his tools and things.

Atlas was really easy to work with. They answered all our questions and were really helpful through the whole process of putting it together and choosing what would be right for us. We had changed our minds so many times on the building, and they had no problems with going with our whims. I would definitely recommend Atlas, they are great to work with and customer oriented.
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– Ellen Hicks, Nashville, GA

Whether they are “do-it-yourselfers” or they’d rather leave it to specialists. installations are tailored however our customers want. And we make sure everything they need to complete the project-down to the last detail-is included so they can focus on enjoying their new building.

Through our long-standing relationship with Allied Steel–one of three steel mills in the U.S.–you know that only 1st grade galvanized steel goes into your 100% American-made buildings.


Would it hold up like red iron was our main concern, but after putting it together it’s just as strong in my opinion for anything 32 feet and under. And the price is a whole lot better then red iron for a structure that is just as good, and with really tight installation, that was a real benefit, especially if you want it insulated.

We’re in the building business anyway, and it was just like clock work the way it all just falls together. Just real easy to assemble with the installation kit. And you can get the roof colored instead of just a regular galvanized steel on top.

Overall great job with customer service and the building quality. So now we’re looking to add on. And they make it easy since they are good about saving your info to help you add on, making sure you’re getting the right size.

When folks come up to visit we always recommend Atlas to them.
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– Jess Lindsey, Big Creek Development, Tifton, GA

Outstanding, excellent and efficient. Atlas provides great customer service, and are just great people to work with.

The original building we purchased fit our needs perfectly for our honey house. But when our business grew, Atlas grew with us by helping us modify our initial metal building to expand into more space. They essentially added a whole other building while making it all appear and flow as one. And they did everything as promised; from keeping insects out, to putting in a rollup door – which helped tremendously.

They get it done in a timely fashion. If you contact them, they call you right back. And they call up to make sure everything is working and that we are satisfied. Any time in the future when we are getting ready to go back and expand more we will go straight to Atlas.
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– Clay Moylan & Henry Moylan, Moylan’s Honey

With five distinct style structures plus our Pre-Engineered “Red Iron” series to choose from, you’ll be confident to find just the right building for you.

Or, with the help of our on-site engineers, you can customize any building type to suit your needs.

And with 16 colors, up to six widths and many other options to choose from, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Because everything we sell is manufactured on-site, you can rest assured we stand behind every component that goes into your building.

If you have a question or concern after the sale, you’ll never have to deal with a third-party manufacturer. You can contact us directly.


I use my Admiral Combo Series for an ultimate man cave – Got my couch in there, We do cookouts, and I store my mower and boat. I shopped around several different places, but when I started talking with Atlas I just liked the building, the price they gave me, and I liked it better than any other providers I was looking at. They delivered it and did everything- Poured the foundation and in 5 days it was up. They did a really good job. I’ve known Atlas for 10 -12 years, doing business with their greenhouses, but this is the first time using them for my personal use. I would highly recommend Atlas to anybody, and in fact my brother is talking about getting a metal building because he likes mine so much. The sales and service were fantastic from the first call through to installation. They are very straight up honest people with a great product.(Read Full)

– Billy Joe Padgett, Wray, GA


I wanted something structurally sound to store and work on my antique cars, but also look good next to our personal property. Atlas addressed all these concerns with the Advantage Series.

I have three roll up doors that work beautiful for me, and my wife and I chose all the building colors. The contractor they provided to install it was so outstanding that I hired him to put a whole new metal roof on our home, which I also bought from Atlas.

There’s cheaper options with other guys, but most didn’t really know about construction or the business, and would have actually cost me more in the end, with a building not even up to code! That’s where Jeff’s expertise at Atlas made a big difference, both in my decision figuring out the quality of the building and the options needed – like insulating the roof to prevent ceiling sweat from dripping on my cars in the summertime.

Atlas’s program figures in the price of the contractor and everything. No surprise costs.

Simply put, I’m happy, very pleased, and these guys are very professional. I have recommended them to friends and family.
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– Bob Interval, Waycross, GA

Everything you need to erect your building is thoroughly discussed with our expert staff and reflected in the price. You’ll never be left blowing in the wind because of an “unseen” cost.

We needed something at our Tree Farm to store the tractor, tools, and materials as well as be an office space. The Pro-Lite building series we chose from Atlas is now a part of Ragan Tree Farm and something we couldn’t do without, quite honestly. I shopped around other places, but just didn’t see anything that impressed me - a lot of wooden components and not too sturdy. They were cheap enough, and cheaply built. But Atlas constructs and prices their buildings on a module basis. An office is one module, a bay one module. I thought it was really understandable, and I could make it larger or wider, open or closed space. They gave me all the information I wanted. They even let me know I would have to have a dirt pad for the county I was in and made sure everything was up to code. They have a plan, they have a good crew, and they come in and do their work quickly. And now I have a quality building at a reasonable price for a full metal building with no wood in it. It’s an essential asset as far as I’m concerned. If I ever needed to add another building, they’re the ones I would call.
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- Tony Ragan
  Ragan Tree Farm LLC, Crisp County, GA

Just a Great Experience. I didn’t have any problems whatsoever. They’ve been a customer for me for years. And knowing the kind of people they are and the quality they have I had no hesitations before buying. The building is sealed off well, I have 2 roll up doors, and it’s really well insulated as a place for my cars so they don’t get dust on them from the outside. Called them up, told them what I wanted and I got what I wanted, and haven’t had any problems since. It will be there for a long time and I won’t have to worry about it. I recommend Atlas to friends & family.
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- Johnny Sr.
  Thompson Machine Co, Wray, GA